Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky Workers Gain Recall From Suspension

Once upon a time, the squirrel was trying to persuade the tortoise that they should pay a visit to the Lion, the king of all the denizens of the forest, in his den. The tortoise was not to be persuaded.
Said the wily creature – “See my friend Mr. Squirrel, even though it is good and proper to visit the palace of a king and pay him homage, but from what I can see here, there are very many footmarks of those who go into that den, but only a few marks can I see belonging to those who come out”
Although, it is a tale, the following Lagos State Judiciary Staff, Yinka Idowu (Judicial Assistant) Ade Falade (Court Recorder) Lanre Okunnu (Senior Registrar) Faleti Adeyemi (Assistant Registrar) Remi Ige (Typist) Christy Ololo (Secretary) and Shehu Igunla (Computer operator)
can count themselves among the very lucky to enjoy the benefit of being recalled back to work by their employer after receiving disciplinary sanctions. The lucky 7 are like those few who visit the lion and manage to come back alive.
By a letter dated the 12th March 2008, signed by E. O Ogundare Esq. Deputy Registrar, (Admin) to each of the affected workers, they were accused of in adequate performance of official duties and poor conduct in the said duties and placed on a two week suspension.
On the same day of the letter of their suspension, the workers had also a letter of query, from the authorities directing them to respond to the allegations of a certain Barrister Dele Ajewole Esq. who claimed in a petition that the registrars of the court where all the workers have their stations, to wit, Honourable Justice Kasali’s court are in the habit of demanding money (N5,000 to N15,000) “on a regular basis from lawyers and litigant to process applications for rulings, orders and judgments.”
From what the Squib gathered, and authoritatively too, the allegations aforementioned shocked and frightened the workers a great deal. They were yet to have a breather on it when the order of suspension was slammed on them.
Reprieve has however come the way of these workers for one singular reason - the lawyer who wrote the petition against them could not be found to substantiate his weighty allegations against them. It would be recalled that in her Vol. 8 March 21, 17th March 2008, the Squib broke the story about the seven suspended workers and by dint of investigation proved copiously that the petitioner, the so called Barrister Dele Ajewole existed only in the realm of fiction and fantasy.
In the aforementioned edition the Squib wrote thus:
“In the light of these findings (that Barrister Dele Ajewole is non-existent) this magazine wonders at the credibility or merit of the petition against the affected workers. How will the accusation be proved? By proxy? By mere suspicion? By rumour mongering? By speculation? The ball is in the court of the Lagos State Judiciary to do what is right and just in this case”

A couple of weeks ago, the Lagos State Judiciary, took the right and proper step in the matter of the suspended worker – she recalled them from suspension and paid them their out-standing two weeks salary.
The authorities further directed that the Lucky 7 should back to their former station – Honourable Justice Kasali’s court. However the honourable Judge was not prepared to take the lot back. Her Ladyship simply rejected them.
From all indications, the rejected workers are not dejected by the judge’s decision – still smarting as they are from what they saw as their unfair suspension. They, the Squib was told, were not keen to work with the judge either, preferring a fresh posting.

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