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VOL.13, NO.15    25-06-13

On Monday 17th June 2013, the Squib (many thanks to her numerous geckos) broke the news of the sudden and sodden removal of Mr. Olufemi Isaacs from the office of the Acting Chief Registrar of the Laos State High Court.

The removal was tagged a “coup” because it was not only unexpected but amounted to a change of personnel and dynamics in the corridor of power, as well as affect the career prospect of the removed officer.

However “further and better” information has come to light that the (intended) replacement for Mr. Isaacs in the highly coveted office of Chief Registrar, is not Miss. Serifat Solebo Chief Magistrate II as wrongly reported last week by this medium.

The news is thick in the air that the alternate candidate preferred by certain powers that be is a female Chief Magistrate 1, a Deputy Chief Registrar of the Lagos High Court Igbosere.

The Squib has it on good authority, that upon experiencing his “un expected dethronement” on or about Thursday 13th June 2013 a distraught Acting Chief Registrar Isaacs promptly fell sick and landed in hospital. Certain forces however rallied round to “fight” the cause of the gentleman whom has a lot of sympathy credit in the upper echelon of the Lagos State Judiciary and save him the embarrassment of a painful your-eyes-will-see-it but-your-mouth-will-never-taste-it experience.

The Squib further learnt that Honourable Ayo Phillips Chief Judge of Lagos State who was not in the country reportedly dissociated her office from any ousting of Isaacs and gave instruction that the man should return to the office of Chief Registrar. Thus by Tuesday 18th June 2013 the distressed Mr. Olufemi Isaacs literally resurrected from the dead to take over the office of the Chief Registrar and has been running it since.

Observers however are not agreed on the actual status of Mr. Isaacs in the office of the Chief Registrar. While the man had resumed to the office as early as Tuesday 18th June 2013 and has held a meeting on Wednesday 19th June 2013 with all Deputy Chief Registrars (DCR Akinkugbe and DCR Femi Segun (?) absent), controversy is still on whether Mr. Olufemi Isaacs remains an acting Chief registrar or has become the substantive Chief Registrar of Lagos State High Court. Nonetheless there a few senior extra terrestrial geckos who boldly assert the Mr. Isaacs has received a letter confirming him Chief Registrar.

Predictably the picture would become clearer in a few days time as Honourable Justice Ayo Phillips the Lagos State Chief Judge and chairman of the Lagos State Judicial Service Commission would resume work on Monday 24th June 2013.

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