Friday, April 11, 2014


VOL 13 NO 13  03-06-13

The recent five day long “Law Week” programme of the famous and arguably the most prominent and dynamic Ikeja Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association which held from Saturday 18th May to 24th May 2013, has come and having however many of those still keep memories of the various activities.

Three days before the law Week started, the N.B.A Ikeja Branch popularly called the Tiger Bar held a press-conference at its secretariat on the forth-coming programme. It was also an occasion the Branch used to comment on national issue of the day, particularly national security and the emergency rule declared by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan the nation’s president in three northern Nigeria states.

The first day of the week was a Saturday (18th May 2013 and day’s event was a fitness walk to and fro the Bar centre and Maryland through the G.R.A. about sixty excited members turned up for the event which kicked of at about 9:10am

The trekking Tigers, (many with roly-poly, frames were a colourful sight in the most blue, orange and green tops as they “waltzed” through the G.R.A  chatting and laughing like school kids





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