Friday, April 11, 2014


Mr. Akintola Akinbote, the former Chairman N.B.A Lagos branch (2003 – 2005) is no more. Information reaching the Squib has it that the late Bar man, a meticulous and conservative Bar politician succumbed to the cold hands of death courtesy kidney-failure at the age of 57, on Tuesday 19th February 2013.

Credible information had it that preparations for the late Akinbote who was called to the Bar in 1986 after bagging a first degree in French language from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) were in top gear to receive effective treatment in India, when the Grim reaper synched him. Akinbote died a day to the collection of his visa at the India Embassy in Lagos while his flight had been booked for Saturday 23rd February 2013.

Geckos had sent in report that Babatunde Fashola S.A.N, the Governor of Lagos State and some other leaders of the profession  had intervened financially in the late Chairman’s health situation but the help came too late because the deceased loathed any undue publicity of his challenge and as such his helpers came to his rescue when it was too late.

Family sources indicate that Akinbote, well known for his quiet and scholarly men and quaint bow-ties would be committed to mother-earth on March 7th 2013. He is survived by a wife and children.

However some commentators have expressed worry over the mortality turn-over of the leadership cadre in the N.B.A Lagos branch. This is because in less than three years now, four past chairmen of the Branch to wit Akin Aina Esq (died 2010), Chief Ogunseitan (died 2010), Mr. Bola Baderinwa (died 2010) and lately Mr. Akin Akinbote had gone the way of all flesh.

At the nearby Ikeja branch, it is also mourning time as the Tiger Bar in tragic circumstances lost one of her members, Mrs. Jane Adana Igbasan, merely 35 years and called to the Bar in November 2007.

 Igbasan, a vivacious and amiable beauty from Owerri, Imo State but married to an Ondo Yoruba man, was killed in a road accident at about 3.00 am on Monday 18th February 2013. Igbasan survived by her parents, husband and two children (Ifedoyin 16 years and Kingsley 14 years) was travelling to Minna, Niger State for a matter at the High Court when she met her sad end.

Some survivors of the crash including the driver’s mate, said the accident happened due to over speeding by their heedless driver.

Those close to the late Igbasan said her industry and commitment to legal practice was such that she would have ended up at least a silk, if she had had more years on earth.

Barely a week to her death Igbasan was appointed the Secretary of the Law Week Committee of the N.B.A Ikeja Branch. Curiously some male colleagues of her at the law Week Committee had tried persuading her from travelling down to Minna for the case she was interested in. They reasoned that the journey would be too stressful, even hazardous for “a young lady like you” and not worth the trouble, financially. An undaunted Jane reportedly brushed away their fears and proceeded on the journey of no return.

Even more curious, some six months ago, it was widely rumoured on the face book social network that she had passed away. The rumour shocked the young-woman and propelled her to be closer to her Maker, in her last months on earth.

No date has been announced for her burial.

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