Saturday, November 29, 2008


Honourable The Chief Judge,
Lagos State,

Dear Sir,

Where is My Lord?

Milord Justice Adebisi Kayode-Ogunmekan,

Justice Kayode –Ogunmekan of the Lagos High Court,

The question becomes necessary,

Because, since the New Legal Year, 2008,

The Honourable Judge has not been sitting in her court,

Lawyers and litigants don’t know where His Lordship is,

But they know where some other “missing” judges are,

Such judges include Nwaka J.

They know such judges are on “national assignment”,

to out-of- jurisdiction Election Petition Tribunals,

But what of Justice Adebisi Kayode-Ogunmekan?

People are tired of being told by the registrars of the court that the judge is not around,

Where exactly is Justice Kayode-Ogunmekan?

Litigants are worried,

particularly defendants in criminal cases, in prison custody,

Last Tuesday (11th November 2008) some of such defendants almost went on a riot,

In Justice Adebisi Kayode-Ogunmekan’s court when as usual they met a vacant bench,

The next day (12th November 2008) relatives of such defendants

staged a demonstration in front of the Justice Adebisi Kayode-Ogunmekan’scourt.

The reason is obvious,

People are getting frustrated and feeling taken for granted.

Sir, except the situation is redressed, things may get uglier.

Respectfully yours,

Adesina Ogunlana Esq,
Publisher, the Squib

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