Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The tranquility, if not the peace of a section of the Lagos High Court Igbosere was rattled recently, when two of the titans os the Administration of Justice in Lagos State clashed over space.
While the face-off lasted, hot, ,blinding sparks flew and lesser mortals dived for cover. It was a case of Egun k’egun,
Egun pade Igunnu (the clash of two well matched heavyweights).
The dramatis persona, were no less than two of our distinguished judges, M.O. Dada and Oke-Lawal J. Their quarrel was triggered off in the bid to comply with the directive of the Chief Judge of the state, Inumidun Akande J. that all judges must resume ;in their new offices (chambers & courts) latest by 12th April 2010.
As it happened, Honourable Justice Dada formerly of the Ikeja High Court, came on Friday 9th April prepared to occupy the chambers of his lordship’s learned brother, Oke-Lawal J. whom she was replacing.
However Justice Oke-Lawal was not around, but her court registrars were available. Dada J now enquired from the registrars about her brother’s chambers only to find out that the place was under lock and key and the keys were not in the possession of the registrars.
This situation according to our geckos, was not found palatable by Dada J. The honourable judge after wondering rhetorically whether the chamber in question was her brother’s private office, organized the services of offensive carpentary against thedoor of the chambers in question; much to the speechless shock and consternation of Justice Oke-Lawal’s registrars.
However a more gape-inducing event would take place. When the door of Justice Oke-Lawal’s chamber yielded to pressure and surrendered its horizontal integrity and lay humbled on the floor, a fast acting Justice Dada ordered the immediate evacuation of her brother’s office contents to the corridor.
The order was promptly obeyed. About then, Justice Oke-Lawal arrived the scene and with her very judicial eyes saw the assorted heap of her assorted office chattels in the corridor.
Feeling very embarrassed and humiliated, the displaced judge took up her displacer and that was when the guns almost literally started to boom from both sides.
The exchanges were so hot and rancorous that the invisible cover of one of our wall perching geckos was almost blown, as the gecko almost fell down in utter shock ,from seeing two gods slugging it out with the aid of weaponry on their buccal cavities.
We would not care to report the expletives that the two jurists flung at each other beyond observing that those expletives were the type that the ground squirrel heard in the olden days and went deaf.
While the combat lasted, registrars of the two judges formed a protective cordon round the theatre of confrontation to prevent innocent members of the public from stumbling upon the impressive encounter.

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